Nicholas Frearson

Nick Frearson is a Senior Electronics Engineer at the Lamont Observatory of Columbia University in New York City and holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering from Northumberland University in the UK. He is currently the lead designer and Co-PI on a major program developing systems to monitor and anticipate volcanic eruptions. He has spent many years working in remote places as diverse as Antarctica to Java in Indonesia. He is passionate about recording and understanding the evolving state of the planet. He is a specialist in sensor development and has developed systems from radars that probe the hidden depths of the ice in Antarctica to systems that monitor pollution in our inner cities. He has worked in major corporations, fast paced, high tech companies and academia. His current interests include providing high resolution, near real-time data from remote sites across the planet to help scientists monitor and anticipate the risks associated with major events from volcanic eruptions to hurricane evolution to sea-level change.