Dale Willman

Dale Willman has spent his lifetime thinking in images, as both a reporter and photographer. The best writing, after all, is about setting scenes, creating images and telling stories. So is the most captivating photography. Through his work and personal travels, he has reported and taken photographs on five continents. Willman's subject interests are broad, ranging from human interest studies to photography in conflict zones. Willman is also an award-winning news anchor, editor, reporter and trainer with decades of experience working around the world. During more than 15 years in Washington, DC he worked for NPR, CBS and CNN. During the first Gulf War he reported from London for NPR, providing coverage for an IRA bombing campaign, and he anchored the only NPR Newscasts ever broadcast from overseas. As a trainer Willman spent a year recently in South Sudan working with the staff of a local radio station. He was also awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 2010, spending a year in Indonesia where he researched noted naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace. As a photographer he has sold photos to clients around the world. Willman is currently the founder and Associate Director of the Resilience Media Project at the Earth Institute of Columbia University and continues to anchor NPR newscasts occasionally. He also documents the world around him through his photographic work. Willman lectures also around the world on media and science literacy issues.