Communicating Climate Change Like Your Life Depends On It


Schedule: (VIRTUAL)  April – May 2021, Saturdays: 10am – 1pm ET

  1. Saturday, April 10
  2. Saturday, April 17
  3. Saturday, April 24
  4. Saturday, May 1
  5. Saturday, May 8

Fee: $1,199.99


    It’s hard enough getting people to listen when we talk about something simple, like how to keep our friends safe while using social media. So how do we get their attention when the fate of the world is at stake?

    Climate change threatens our very existence on the planet, but there are things we can do today that can make a real difference. Participants will learn about some of the tools available for effective communication, and how those tools can be used to bring about real change. Participants will also develop an understanding of the differences between straight communication, persuasion, and journalism. Learners will walk away feeling empowered to enact change because they will have the ideas, strategies, and practices to help change how people around the world think and talk about climate change.

    By the end of the workshop, participants will have created their own communications project based on the workshop activities and be able to use that as a tool to become a change agent in their communities around climate.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Be able to use new skills to identify, analyze, and critique the quality and depth of scientific information
    • Gain greater insight into audiences, and strategies and techniques of how to better reach them
    • Establish strong media literacy skills by learning about various technologies used to produce scientific information and apply those tools to produce a communication product

    Who is this training for? 

    This workshop is open to all high school students, no prerequisites are needed.

    Learning Modalities

    This workshop is offered via Zoom. It will feature a mixture of lecture and discussion with experts from the field.

    Instructor: Dale Willman, Resilience Media Project, Earth Institute

    Dale Willman has spent his lifetime thinking in images, as both a reporter and photographer. The best writing, after all, is about setting scenes, creating images and telling stories. So is the most captivating photography. Through his work and personal travels, he has reported and taken photographs on five continents. Willman's subject interests are broad, ranging from human interest studies to photography in conflict zones. Willman is also an award-winning news anchor, editor, reporter and trainer with decades of experience working around the world.