Climate change is the defining issue of our lifetime. From shifting extreme weather patterns that threaten food production to rising seas that will drastically reshape cities and countries, the impacts will be on an unprecedented scale felt in every aspect of society.

The Earth Institute’s non-degree programs will expand your knowledge and prepare you to understand, analyze, and apply cutting-edge research to the complex problem of our changing climate.

In our programs, you will:

  • engage with leading scientists in climate, environmental science and sustainability in small workshop settings
  • understand the science behind the headlines and talk through the latest research on rapidly evolving climate topics
  • accelerate your education and career with today’s most in-demand skills 

You will learn from the same Columbia University faculty, researchers, and practitioners who teach in our degree programs and work through the same rigorous content, with the added flexibility needed by today’s busy professionals and students. 

We are currently offering Professional Learning and Pre-College programs. All offerings through June 2021 will be online at a special introductory rate.

Interested in a degree program? Explore the Earth Institute’s degree programs here.